Wise Buddah re-sings EZ Rock for Neo FM

Wise Buddah is delighted to announce a new package for Hungary’s Neo FM. Neo went for Wise Buddah’s EZ Rock package which has been re-sung across the world for territories including Canada, Germany, Austria and Thailand as well as many stations in the UK.

The package was sung in Budapest using a team of Hungarian session singers and then post produced at Wise Buddah’s London studios. The combination of the Hungarian singers and Buddah’s post-production process worked really well for what is potentially a complicated language to re-sing, Peter Sivak is Neo FM’s Director of Programming.

“We really appreciated Wise Buddah’s dynamism andflexibilty during what was a complicated process. All of us are really delighted with the outcome, this was exactly what we were looking for and you made it. All of the cuts fit correcly into our image. It sounds really nice, you made a great job for us”.

Neo FM Montage

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