KYGO 2010 from ReelWorld

Whether you are already airing the original KYGO package, its 2002 successor, or this will be your first time (we’ll be gentle), the new KYGO 2010 from ReelWorld has your country jingle needs covered.

Featuring 9 Core Themes (with Ramps, Basic ID, Shotgun, Rapid Fire mixes of each), 1 Top of Hour Two-Punch and a Weather bed with matching close.

Listen to all the individual cuts at

I didn’t think anything was hotter than my profile … boy I was wrong! – Chris Cline, Sales Whiz, ReelWorld

KYGO 2010 Demo

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3 Responses

  1. Bob Dinan says:

    Interesting that it’s all male voices

    • Novell says:

      @Bob Dinan, yeah it is. love the sound, its less ReelWorld-sounding to me, more of a traditional-sounding country package. this is interesting because TM Studios has also released a new country package For New England.

  2. Mark Daou says:

    Kygo is great with the 2010 package

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