It’s time to start CREATING again…

In a world of shrinking budgets, job cuts, multi-tasking dilemmas and, generally, a changing radio business, we feel it’s our obligation to remind you why you got into radio production in the first place.

The main question: do you want to spend the rest of your life splicing together voice-over files in session templates with pre-produced promo shells? Is that what you signed up for?


Well… welcome to Orange Panther Creator. It provides you with all the essentials – only high quality audio to get your creative juices flowing!

Orange Panther Creator is squarely aimed at CHR & (Hot) AC imaging producers who want to create something original and different and has been produced with three criteria in mind: maximum quality, maximum usability and most importantly: maximum inspiration. Check it out.


PANTHERSOUNDS is the sound design partner-in-crime of PURE Jingles, and the driving force behind the flagship FX library Orange Panther as well as the brand new, quarterly updated, online production service Orange Panther Creator, visit

Orange Panther Creator | Insta-Glimpse Demo  (download)

Orange Panther Creator | Standard Demo  (download)

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