ReelWorld Presents The Stumbling Jock

The leading jingle imaging provider has done it again. A ground-breaking Holiday treat for radio stations in the US and Canada, ReelWorld is pleased to bring The Stumbling Jock. Like most companies in this time of the year, giveaways and freebies are very common. And the Seattle-based jingle company did it in a unique way with the Stumbling Jock.

It features a group of jingle vocalists, collectively named The Jingle Belles. The group consists of Lisa, Marabeth, TimS, Beverley, and TimD. The group will get to sing a Happy Holiday jingle to your station, just choose your format and key in your call letters. You can even download and air your the jingle on your station. What a unique and cool way giveaway this Christmas, from ReelWorld.

Go to now and experience The Stumbling Jock.

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