RTL III from IQ Beats

104.6 RTL Berlin have just begun airing a new jingle packge consisting of 12 music themes and legal ID from IQ Beats. Check out the package in the CHR section of iqbeats.com.

IQ Beats made some radio jingle magic with RTL I. Then came the more organic music imaging of RTL II. Buckle up, get your glow stick and furry boots because RTL III eschews the more organic sound of previous statements and takes a trip down the dirty, grinding electro path that none of your favorite octogenarians are vibing to these days. This package turns up the heat and is a very contemporary statement on the leading edge of today’s pop.

RTL III 2011 from IQ Beats

For the third time in a row we’ve gone to IQ Beats to define the musical identity of RTL through carefully crafted and superbly produced jingles. Why? Because they deliver each time, we simply like what they do and the collaboration is easy.

No matter where the station is at with current musical trends, their composers hone in perfectly on producing for what is hot right now and then go beyond to capture what’s next on the horizon of pop music. So good, perfect on the air. Thank you!

> Martin Dumschat – Head of Production, 104.6 RTL

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