New Radio Scoop package from PURE Jingles

PURE Jingles have won over Radio Scoop, an important player in the south east of France, for a third time.

PURE Jingles has consistently been looking to build a long lasting relationship with their clients. The previous two packages for Radio Scoop had evolved around the whish to make a package that mirrored the wide variety of music styles on the station. During the latest package that emphasis shifted a little bit.

Since the current crop of music stars from both Europe and America make heavy use of dance influences, the focus became a little narrower. This gave the composers and producers at PURE Jingles a great chance to dig deeper into certain musical styles.

You can hear U.K. Grime and Dub Step influences in a lot of the beat orientated cuts. And the pop / rock cuts, involving the latest production styles, round out the 11 cut strong package and make it a very fitting radio station branding tool for 2011!

Laurent Ripoll, Music Director for Radio Scoop says: “The package is very VERY good. You have succeeded! The next time we’ll even take it a step further…”

/ About Radio Scoop
Radio Scoop broadcasts in the south east of France on a variety of frequencies and is focused locally in cities such as Lyon, Vichy and Clermont Ferrand.

/ About PURE Jingles
PURE Jingles creates jingles and branding for CHR, Hot AC and AC stations that need a truly individual sound. Among our clients we count stations like NRJ (both France and International), bigFM (Germany), KRONEHIT (Austria) and Studio Brussel (Belgium).


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