LFM rocks a new sound

As of January 2013, LFM in Switzerland is airing a new jingle package with no less than 20 cuts selected from PURE Jingles’ JingleBox.

LFM PD Sylvain Lavey says the station chose to work with the PURE JingleBox because “it gave us a large choice of sounds and styles, which became a basis for the creation of a package that corresponds perfectly with our expectations. We were able to pre-select basic jingles, and then personalize them according to the ‘color’ of our brand.”

PURE Jingles’ Creative Director, Diederick Huizinga explains: “The JingleBox is a LOT different from what other companies offer. Usually, stations buy packages with, say… 12 cuts that are composed to ‘fit’ together. But with us, clients can select each of their jingles from more than 350 original themes.”

When it comes to keeping the production quality high, Huizinga knows that “it’s not unusual for a station to ask for a couple of Dance-cuts from 2012, but also some guitar-driven jingles from 2008. Once the selection has been made, it’s up to us to make the preferred logo, and all those different styles and production techniques work together. It is easy to underestimate the amount of work we put in to make a ‘new’ re-sing package sound like all those pieces of music were really meant to fit together all along!”

In the case of LFM, the hard work has certainly paid off. Program Director Sylvian Lavey: “The service provided after delivery was also perfect. We will surely work again with PURE Jingles!”

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