Portuguese M80 gets a PURE ‘transformação’

M80 is the first Portuguese station to come to PURE Jingles for a package. And recently a batch consisting of 10 jingle cuts and 4 beds was sent their way!

“M80 desperately needed to upgrade its out-of-date jingle package”, says M80 Program Director Miguel Cruz. “Initially we considered around 5 companies. We decided to go ahead with PURE Jingles because of a mixture of reasons. They had a great choice of contemporary sounding jingles, they offered the package at a competitive price, and they promised to deliver the jingles in spite of a very tight deadline.”

“We first had to choose from a collection of around 400 jingle themes, in basically every music style, tempo and feel”, the station’s PD continues. “This truly gave us maximum flexibility, and allowed us to match the sound of the jingles to the sound of our playlist. In the end, PURE customized our final selection by re-singing the M80 musical logo.”

To make sure that the vocals for the package would sound authentic, PURE Jingles was easily persuaded to bring 2 top-class native singers to their studios in Holland. “Portuguese is a very tricky language, so we really needed the perfect pronunciation”, Miguel Cruz explains. “This was our first experience with the PURE JingleBox model, and ultimately we found it to be very efficient and convenient. It not only allowed us to have a wider choice of material, but also guaranteed a tailor made result at a competitive price.”

Listen to the M80 demo, and if you have any questions please don’t hesitate to contact the PURE Jingles sales department: info@purejingles.com.

/ About M80

M80 exists both in Portugal and Spain, as part of the media conglomorate Grupo PRISA. The Spanish edition first began broadcasting in 1993. The Portuguese version was launched in 2007, and plays music from the 1970s through the ‘90s. m80.clix.pt

/ About PURE Jingles

PURE Jingles is specialized in creating jingles and branding for CHR and AC stations that need a truly individual sound. Clients are stations such as NRJ (France), Radio Regenbogen (Germany), 3FM (Netherlands) and M80 (Portugal). www.purejingles.com

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