Celebrates 5 Years of Jingles

Since 2000, Global Radio has been the top choice for the best Smooth Jazz music for its avid listeners worldwide.

The network is pioneered and founded by radio veterans Donna Phillips and Sandy Shore.

According to the owners, is not just a radio station or a website, but a new paradigm in visionary marketing.

And they credit much of the success through its intelligent programming, great music selection and quality jingles by Jingles Factory.

Italian-based jingle company Jingles Factory has been providing station ID jingles for, which President Sandy Shore describes as melodic and relevant to their songs.

“I wanted to take a moment to thank our friends at Jingles Factory for creating some of the most imaginative and creative jingles that we could ever ask for”, says Shore.

She further explains in the video below how Jingles Factory became an important factor to’s worldwide success.

To hear more about Jingles Factory, head on to their website at

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  1. Sandy has a great voice…hope she’s getting spot work.

    Best always,
    – Peter

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