Radio Brocken switches to PURE Jingles

Alongside of German stations like Radio Regenbogen, Landes Welle, R.SA and Radio Nora, Radio Brocken (a major AC station in the Sachs Anhal region) have found that the PUE Jingles sound can set them a part from the competition.

Radio Brocken came to PURE Jingles hoping to get a feel good package that would give them a chance to make the station sound warm and friendly. Since ‘warm and friendly’ can very easily become bland and colourless the PURE Jingles team worked hard on finding the edge and putting a modern stamp on the jingles by using current pop sounds.

“This new jingle package gives Radio Brocken a modern, up-to-date and friendly sound”, says program director Armin Braun.

/ About Radio Brocken
Radio Brocken has been broadcasting from the heart of the Sachsen-Anhalt region in Germany since 1992. The station focuses on people with families and plays a wide mix of music ranging from Lady GaGa and Empire Of The Sun to Elvis and The Eurythmics.

/ About PURE Jingles
PURE Jingles is specialized in producing jingles and branding for CHR and AC stations. Among their clients are stations like NRJ (worldwide), KRONEHIT (Austria), Radio ZET (Poland) and 3FM (Netherlands).

Radio Brocken Demo

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