New Jingles for 98.8 Kiss FM Berlin

Wise Buddah has just delivered a brand new package for 98.8 Kiss FM in Berlin. The package, the second in a row, consists of 7 main IDs, 3 separate Top Of Hour jingles and information elements.

Buddah’s composer/producer Jem Godfrey explains what a pleasure it was to make the package:
“The name Kiss is synonymous with cutting edge music and production values the world over. To have the opportunity to add something of my own to the legend that is Kiss was a fantastic honor and great fun”.

Andreas Ersson, 98.8 Kiss FM’s Head of Production added;
“In close coordination with Wise Buddah, 98.8 KISS FM`s production team were able to develop a package which is dynamic, creative and very fresh. The response to the new package has been amazing from both listeners and
industry colleagues alike. Well done Wise Buddah!”

The vocals were recorded in both London and Berlin and the package is immediately available for syndication.

Check it out for yourself.

Kiss FM Berlin 2011 from Wise Buddah

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  1. September 27, 2013

    […] a listen Kiss FM’s 2011 package here and the 2009 package here, both created by Wise […]

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