Make A Wish Candidate Uses Wish to Thank ReelWorld

Seattle, WA – Seattle based jingle and radio production company ReelWorld along with the Northwest Chapter of the Make a Wish Foundation, granted an unusual wish for North Carolina resident Noah Long Thursday August 11, 2011. Noah wished to thank ReelWorld producers for their help in pulling together jingles and imaging for his school’s radio club, as well as to see how jingles are produced.

Noah was referred to the Make a Wish organization in 2008 and in October of 2011 volunteers met with him to determine his wish. Noah suffers from Cerebral Palsy, Epilepsy and he is blind. His blindness has provided him a keen sense of hearing. Sound to Noah in many cases serves as his eyes into the world. His ability allows him to identify radio stations nationwide and the jingle packages they use.

Thursday, Noah’s wish to fly across the country to Seattle and meet the team at ReelWorld became a reality. The family started the day at ReelWorld’s Ballard offices with producers and a team of singers creating Noah’s very own jingles. Noah directed the process and learned to mix audio next to some of the best in the business. Upon completion, Noah’s jingle journey will came full circle at 6:00 PM PST as they head to Entercom’s 100.7 The Wolf to meet with afternoon host Wingnut who interviewed and played Noah’s jingle on-air.

Noah Long’s ReelWorld Jingle Featured on 100.7 The Wolf Seattle

ReelWorld's Josh Klein with Noah and family on the rooftop at Entercom's 100.7 The Wolf . Click image to read the Seattle Weekly article

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