Turn your iPad into The Jingleplayer

Radio imaging & branding specialist VHU Europe presents the first professional jingle app for the iPad. The Jingleplayer is today’s playback tool for on air personalities.

Multi-tasking is a challenge in live radio. Delivering show content, interacting with listeners, operating multiple faders, pressing hot keys, searching for elements, and still sounding spontaneous – all at the same time! Two jocks of Dutch CHR station 3FM were looking for a way to make their lives easier.

Modern and user-friendly
Suddenly they had their aha moment. The idea for a modern and user-friendly jingle play-out device came into their mind. VHU Europe, always pioneering in its field, embraced the concept. Together with their ICT partner Sping they brought the idea to life – The Jingleplayer.

The Jingleplayer maximizes your work flow, mixes your beds, makes you master on air
• One Finger Control while radio personalities stay ‘in the flow’, the Jingleplayer makes them sound flawless
• Perfect Beat Timing talk-over beds always have the perfect length, no matter when presenters stop talking
• Soundboard while a bed is playing, jocks can play up to 4 extra FX / drop-ins instantly
• Sync Wireless synchronize new beds & sounds to the iPad in a personal webspace, access imaging everywhere!

The Jingleplayer (currently for the iPad but soon for other platforms as well) is available @ the App Store.

Check www.thejingleplayer.com and visit the PURE Jingles booth at Radiodays 2012 in Barcelona to test it live.

VHU Europe specializes in radio jingles, production libraries and branding with its divisions PURE Jingles and PANTHERSOUNDS. VHU’s imaging is on-air at Z100, BBC Radio 1, NRJ, 3FM, Studio Brussel, Europa Plus, Radio ZET, bigFM, KRONEHIT and many other leading stations all over the world.

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  1. Juan Carlos Alicea says:

    interesting! too bad that reelworld One doesn’t have an app for ios devices, or should they? who knows. may be in the near future they could put together an app called the “Reelworld One: jingleplayer” that will allow you to play each part of a reelworld One jingle package and mix it together, includeing vocals, instruments, etc. but other than that, congratulations!

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