New Morning Show Imaging from NOVAZ

New from NOVAZ Audio Imaging, Morning show elements for BNN’s Croissander show which is the new weekend morning show on national Dutch Radio 3FM.

NOVAZ created jingles, sweepers, show content imaging, and some personalized ‘Ego songs’. The ‘ego songs’ play on some well known tracks that have been turned them into jingles.

The Croissander show is hosted by Sander Hoogendoorn, who was awarded as most promising upcoming DJ talent last year. Since Sander is a real humble fellow who doesn’t like to tube his own horn; Novaz had a Frenchman say some kind words about him, which are used in the sweepers.

3FM’s format as best characterized as CHR / Alternative so Novaz gave the jingles a positive alternative feel, still blending with todays’ hit music.

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