80s jingles for Free Radio from Wise Buddah

On 24 May 2012, Orion Media announced it would relaunch its Gold West Midlands stations on AM, DAB and online as Free Radio 80s. This station changed name today, September 4th 2012, and launched with jingles from Wise Buddah.

Orion ordered a combination of re-sings from the original Free Radio package along with four Custom cuts inspired by Whitney Houston, Starship, Junior, Luther Vandross, Bryan Adams and Jocelyn Brown.

“Another efficient job from Wise Buddah! We sought a launch package for Free Radio 80s which would complement our FM brand; yet suit the feel and tone of 80s music. We loved the inventiveness of the tracks and the clarity of the message. They sound great on-air”, said David Lloyd, Group Programming and Marketing Director, Orion Media.

Free Radio 80s – download

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