High five in Norway: fresh new sound for P5

“This imaging is so powerful! The new package from PURE Jingles really takes P5 to a higher level”, says creative services director Vidar Brennodden about the new sound of their big city CHR network.

Until recently, P5 in Norway has been using mostly sweepers, as they find them easy to use and mix well with music. “But in addition, we wanted elements that could really make us stand out from the crowd”, Brennodden explains. “The new package from PURE Jingles does that. The way that the vocal parts are treated, is amazing.”

Instead of ‘cherry picking’ from the entire JingleBox collection of over 300 themes – like most radio stations do when they come to PURE – P5 just asked for one package, with the original logo melody. Why? “When we heard the Radio SCOOP 2013 demo, we completely fell in love with it. It’s so current, and it has a very positive and modern sound. We wanted nothing else.”

Experimenting with the station’s positioner (‘Byens største hits’, which means ‘The city’s biggest hits’), it was quickly decided to integrate both slogan and station name, and therefore sing ‘P5 Hits’ on the logo. The goal of this was to make the station name stronger, instead of using just a letter and a number, and to avoid a traditional jingle feel with loooooong slogans.

“We have had our ears and eyes on PURE Jingles for many years, and the work is always spectacular”, the creative services director of P5 continues. “It was a pleasure working with PURE on this project. So many talents, each one specialized in different aspects of radio production. Very professional and nice people, with a huge passion for radio.”

The new CHR sound for Norway can be heard at www.p5.no.

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