The Joy of Six for BB Radio!

Germany’s BB Radio has launched a brand new jingle package produced by Wise Buddah, comprising six new Custom IDs plus several other elements. As one of the leading radio stations in Brandenberg and Berlin, BB Radio decided to re-fresh their existing Wise Buddah package to reflect the diversity of their current playlist.

Torsten Birenheide, Program Director, BB RADIO – “Wise Buddah did an extraordinary job creating the new jingle-package for BB RADIO. All the elements are brilliant and even better than we imagined before. Fresh, modern and a truly fantastic sound! Their work is driven by enthusiasm for radio and always a serious interest in what we as clients would love to have. Wise Buddah is our favourite choice!

Paul Plant, Director, Wise Buddah – “We’ve been working with Torsten and the team at ‘BB’ since 2008, so we’re thrilled to welcome them back for another custom ID package. The new cuts offer a more contemporary reflection of today’s music, and we think it will fit seamlessly into a playlist packed with artists from Pink and Avicii to Rhianna and David Guetta.”

The package comprises 6 Custom IDs, 2 Show Openers, 4 Custom Beds plus Information Elements.

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