ZIK FM and Nex FM turn to Reezom

2014 will be marked with the introduction of two new jingles packages on air in Senegal – produced by Reezom, the Canadian production studio based in Montreal.

ZIK FM in Dakar and its sister station Nex FM wanted a brand new and more modern sound on their stations. Great distance and an alternate time zone were no issue for Reezom’s Team who worked in close collaboration to deliver an outstanding result.

Carl, the station’s creative director was involved in the entire process, from start to finish: ” It is the Jean Sébastien Esposito double knowledge of French, European and American radio production that allowed us to obtain a very specific ‘’touch’’ in accordance to our market. His artistic direction is limitless and he has helped us to shape a sound that we never thought we would achieve. It has been a very fruitful project! ”

In Guadeloupe, ” Zouk Newz ” is the station that’s wearing a brand new package from Reezom:

“We wanted to obtain a professional mixing with a modern, fashionable production and a localized and specific sound color in accordance to our market. Reezom met this challenge head on and delivered everything on time… 28 jingles – 28 Hits ” explains Franck, producer.

Reezom is a professional sound and video production studio that specializes in branding that is recognized for the originality and the creativity of its productions both musically and visually.

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