REEZOM continues partnership with M105

Reezom, the creative music and video studio, is pleased to announce delivery of a new sung imaging package for M105.

M105 is a regional music radio station, located in Granby (near Quebec), which broadcasts throughout the region of the upper Yamaska. M105 has partnered with Reezom for several years for up to date imaging to help the station stay current with today’s hit music.

This Autumn you’ll hear your favorite songs between 30 new sung jingles in addition to the cuts delivered in late 2014. The sonic ID of the station is now guaranteed to be in perfect harmony with the music policy of M105. Brand identity is constantly renewed and relevant, with catchy melodies to imprint the brand to front of mind of the listener . This sung imaging was produced entirely in house by the artistic team at Reezom in Montreal.

Reezom offers the most effective and creative solutions so you can stand out in your market. They will craft your sound and image so it reflects the values, the feelings and the personality of your media business. The finished production will be original, polished and a true reflection of your brand values. Reezom is currently responsible for some of the best audio and visual branding on air across Europe, Africa, The Caribbean and of course Quebec and Canada.Contact Jean- Sébastien Esposito to hear how Reezom could work with you!

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