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Radio 8 has just acquired brand new imaging. It contains a series of 5 packages and top schedules, means about fifty re-sung jingles. This is a musical subculture that allows this Radio Station to set up a customized signature sound, through themes and variations that all sound different and unique. Even though the musical bases come from an existing package, the entire musical identity has been produced to be as close to the radio brand as possible. Adaptations are all completely customized and organically meet the diverse range of the market. This package portrays a true musical value that allows this station to mark its difference and to better sell its image amongst advertisers. Radio 8 Ardennes is a private regional radio station. Founded in May of 1983, it broadcasts hits, local news and traffic throughout the Ardennes on the following frequencies: Charleville 91.2 Sedan 98.6 Rethel 93.3 Viziers 91.6. The station also streams worldwide via the web.

Go to and enjoy fine “touch” of the entire team at Reezom.

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