France becomes a Brandy Hit Zone

Hit Zone is the newest custom CHR-package for Contact FM (France) from Brandy Jingles, consisting of 10 basic cuts and dozens of mix outs that glue with today’s hits.

The brief Brandy received was straight to the point – They had to be memorable. Jingles that listeners could sing along with. Mini-hits on their own, sounding positive, contemporary and energetic. The result has been Hit Zone; a CHR package passionately made in the Brandy studios in Brussels and welcomed with a big round of applause by Nicolas Pavageau & Yann El Hamaoui, the new directors at Contact FM.

“The right imaging can make a big difference. That’s crystal clear for Nicolas and Yann from Contact FM. We’re incredibly proud they chose Brandy as their imaging partner for this rebranding” says Diederik Decraene, managing director at Brandy.

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