Contact FM Renews Partnership with Brandy

BRANDY Jingles continues to be the imaging partner of CONTACT FM, the largest independent radio station in northern France. The renewed partnership was celebrated with GrandHits − 10 new custom-made jingles. The vocal sound was custom developed in the last few years and ensures continuity. But musically, the jingles pick up on the latest trends in contemporary pop. And an immediately recognisable logo maximises branding and functionality.

The creation and production of jingles is not just a formality for Contact FM. The station regards its design as a strategic way to distinguish itself from its colleagues and attract listeners.

Nicolas Pavageau, Director at Contact FM: “Investing in a strong identity is fundamental to us. And I’m convinced that that requires high-quality audio branding. We are proud to have Brandy as our partner!”

“Working with Nicolas and Yann is a very pleasant challenge,” says Diederik Decraene, Managing Director at Brandy. “Contact FM sets the bar very high and expects Brandy to pull out all the stops, both creatively and musically. And that’s exactly what we enjoy doing − which is why we have such a good relationship.”

Contact FM sets musicality as a priority − so no blaring sound effects or explosions. Nicolas Pavageau: “The result exceeds our expectations every time, and it helps Contact FM compete with the national networks. Many thanks to Diederik and his team!”

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