CHUM 104-5 launch new Wisebuddah Jingles

Canada’s CHUM 104-5 have teamed up with Wisebuddah to recently launch an extensive new jingle package. With a new Hot AC sound built around a core sonic to help punctuate the station’s key message to ‘Make Toronto Pop’, the station asked the London based production company to produce a dozen new custom IDs.

Wade Taylor, Imaging Director for CHUM 104-5 said “The Challenge: To re-brand an already successful, heritage radio station in Canada’s largest and most competitive market. To take CHUM not only to the next level, but retain its loyal listeners. It’s definitely like walking the tight rope, and it wasn’t at all the usual “let’s put a fresh coat of paint on the station”. It was a complete sonic overhaul, Wisebuddah accepted the challenge, and now CHUM 104-5 is born!! Wisebuddah were instrumental in helping us achieve this new sound – their talent, fresh thinking, and ability to create and harness a concept, in my opinion, is unmatched. They were an absolute pleasure to work with, involving us in every step of the process! Of course, there was the always difficult “need it on air yesterday” ultimatum, and they may kill me for saying this…BUT, they delivered, in the most impossible time frame, and quality-wise, they totally killed it!

Wisebuddah Jingles’ General Manager Phil Tozer added “CHUM came to Wisebuddah to help create the sound of their major rebranding strategy. Now, working closely with Wade to focus on the musical references based on the more Pop side of the station format, CHUM has a sound unlike any other Hot AC format in the marketplace. Based around two amazing voice over artists coupled with one of our talented singers this package is cool, unique and punchy.”

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