The Bay 2014 from Ignite Jingles

Ignite Jingles has released a new Fresh AC jingle package for Lancaster based radio station The Bay.

Consisting of 7 full jingle themes along with cuts for the breakfast show, news & weather and an hour opener, every theme includes ramps, slogans and shotgun mixes, plus Ignite’s ultra-short “supershot” edits.

Sung in London and produced at Ignite’s base in Manchester, the jingles work alongside today’s playlist artists plus recent and classic hits, with a range of styles and tempos in the package.

Phil Rodgers, Programme Controller of The Bay, said; “These new jingles have freshened the sound of The Bay in time for our 21st birthday. My presentation team love using them, and they fit our varied playlist perfectly. Chris and his team listened to what we wanted, and have created an amazing jingle package for The Bay.”

Founder and Creative Director of Ignite Jingles, Chris Stevens, said; “We’re very proud of this new jingle package, and we’re excited that it’s now in the open. We’ve worked with The Bay for a number of years, and are delighted to extend this relationship well into the station’s 21st year on the air. Happy Birthday The Bay, and happy new jingles!”

You can hear all the cuts at

These jingles are available for syndication via Ignite Jingles. In the USA, the package is available through TM Studios in Dallas, and is already on the air in Tennessee!

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  1. May 22, 2015

    […] Radio Essex 2015 is a resing of Ignite’s Bay 2014 jingle package, with a different vocal approach to give more of a solo feel on the package. As well […]

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