Hi FM Jingle SingShots 2014 from Floyd Media

More and more stations around the globe are starting to recognize the full potential of the trademark SingShots on Floyd Media.

They are affordable, punchy, and cut through way to shape the sound of your station. Singshots are produced in multiple formats and are guaranteed to give you the edge in a competitive market.

Play them out of breaks, between songs….just about anywhere in the playlist to give you the right punch.

This time Hi FM decided to go with full custom made SingShots package and picked up best of both worlds.

Blending world-class voiceover by Z100’s Dave Foxx with our powerful CHR vocals, gave Hi FM the edge in Oman over the other stations.

Additionally Floyd Media produced tailor-made vocal workparts in order to help Hi FM’s in-house production team to extend their possibilities even further, to add the extra zing to everything from a Top of Hour, to a Power Intro.

Get in touch with Floyd Media to find out how custom made SingShots can work for you.

You can listen to the individual cuts on Floyd Media website: www.floydmedia.net

This package is available for re-sing and customization with your station’s name and slogan and/or sonic logo


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