Radio 5 Nostalgia from Top Format

Radio 5 Nostalgia is the Dutch national public station for the elderly, from 60 and up! This format reminds the Radio 5 Nostalgia target group of their “good old days”.

The hosts, the program items and off course the music recall the memories of the 50’s and 60’s in particular, although the 70’s and 80’s make part of the daily shows too. The station became quite popular in just a few years time and has a very loyal group of listeners that tunes in every day.

Radio 5 Nostalgia enjoys playing its on air imaging, that appeals to the listeners’ imagination in many ways. All male singers sing “the sweetest memories” to orchestrated music tracks, that make these jingle memorable, but yet not too old fashioned.

Have a listen to the demo of the Radio 5 jingle package below.

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