BreezeBox for BBC Radio 6 Music Pitch

In 2013 BreezeBox had the opportunity to pitch for ‘BBC Radio 6 Music’, the UK’s most popular Digital Radio Station.

6 Music’s goal was to have a clean, stripped-back, ‘organic’ sound rooted in their style. They were looking for both a news bed suite, and a unique set of production elements to brand their network. The BBC wanted to project an air of confidence, while keeping things simple. It was important that the new identity remain appropriate for ‘BBC Radio 6 Music’s established brand.

Our ideas were simple: Keep their sound at the heart of every ident and emphasize a newly composed 7-note sonic logo as the key feature of the re-branding. We created 5 production elements originating from a combination of real and electronic instrumentation, rooted in their musical style. Additionally the package combined an analogue feel with a retro electronic twist.

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