BreezeBox XTRA for Komilfoo FM

Komilfoo FM wanted to go the XTRA mile. They needed something to complement their latest jingle package from BreezeBox and add to the flow of their current playlist.

The Breezebox team seized the opportunity to offer something really XTRA! A brand new jingle package allowing flexibility within the various demographics.

The package consists of five short and very powerful IDs. They cut through the airwaves delivering the information to the listener, while seamlessly combining the narrative with station ID.

BreezeBox is offering this package for immediate syndication, to any CHR, Hot CHR or relevant party. The cuts are entirely adjustable to any slogan or station name, our team will custom integrate your station elements directly into the product.

So, hurry up! Be the first one to walk the XTRA mile in your market!

For more information check out or e-mail Rade Santrac, Sales Manager at for further details.

BreezeBox is one of the fastest growing radio imaging companies, achieving high qualityas the standard for our partner stations worldwide. We are obsessed with achieving the best possible results, and believe satisfied clients are the only clients to have.

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