Komilfoo FM steps again with BreezeBox

Belgium’s regional CHR music station Komilfoo FM once again raised the bar with a brand new custom package for 2014 designed by BreezeBox.

Gert Van Laer, General Manager and Programme Director Komilfoo FM – “Working with the team from BreezeBox on this brilliant package made us very excited, because we simply wanted to have a leading edge sounding jingles. The idea was to be really edgy and to defy our listeners with something that they’ve never imagined. So, we pushed the limits and finally we got it! Thanks BreezeBox, this is The ONE!”

BreezeBox’s Rade Santrac – “It makes us very proud and we simply love working with Gert (Van Laer) and the team, because they’ve recognized our passion in creating new and exciting ways to develop an excellent package. The new package simply sounds great and edgy! It constantly surprises you while twisting and turning in bringing positive feelings . We consider this as yet another market blockbuster in setting up standards for the future of radio imaging.”

This package consists of 10 Basic, Medium and Shotgun IDs.

For more information check out breezeboximaging.com or e-mail Rade Santrac, Sales Manager at rade@breezeboximaging.com for details about your next jingle package.

Meet us also at Radiodays Europe in Dublin between March 23rd and 25th. We will be there to give you insights about the ways to get your custom ID package.

BreezeBox is one of the fastest growing radio imaging companies marking quality and standards as a priority for partner stations across the globe. It is simply dedicated to achieving the best possible results and satisfied clients are the only kind of clients that they have.

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