BreezeBox Imaging for Komilfoo FM

A new custom package heard in the north-east of Belgium on 106.9 (Aarschot), 107.9 (Heist op den Berg) and 107.8 (Westerlo) is guaranteeing Komilfoo FM, a popular CHR, stand out from the crowd thanks to BreezeBox Imaging.

Komilfoo FM is a pro music channel with a refreshing “no-nonsense” approach to radio. Tailored to the 18 to 49 demographic, with emphasis on the 20 to 45 bracket, they reach a young ‘trend-sensitive listener’ with an ear for quality hit music, news and information.

“The idea was to update our station sound with a new sonic image [that] could easily blend today’s best music with our new imaging elements. We had a set of voices from our previous package, but wanted new clothing for them.” says General Manager and Programme Director Gert van Laer.

Combining their 5-note logo and slogan “The Music Makes You Feel Good” with contemporary sounds led to something distinctly innovative. With ten powerful IDs separated into basic, medium, shotguns cuts, TOH and News IDs this work represents ‘the state of the art’ in today’s radio imaging industry.

Gert van Laer continues “Not only did BreezeBox recognize our needs right away, but they instantly implemented ideas to achieve exactly what we wanted. I must say that this is a talented team, and it was a real pleasure working with them. The final product was truly beyond our expectations.”

Decide for yourself at, the full package can be heard at

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