Radio Beograd 2 – Art and culture just got branded

BreezeBox can be heard on Radio Beograd 2, a national public radio broadcaster in Serbia covering worldwide art and culture. For the first time in 30 years they have updated their imaging.

The station has six different departments in charge of selecting and producing content like interviews, live events, documentaries, radio dramas, classical music segments, etc. All departments focus on different aspects of a multicultural image while promoting diversity and global heritage.

The musical aspect of Radio Beograd 2 offers a wide range of genres and styles from around the globe. With this kind of diversity, the idea was to create a jingle package that has all of these elements and all the appropriate articulations, harmonically imprinted within one sonic image.

Radoman Kanjevac, Program Director – “We are thrilled to have a completely new set of elements composed and produced by Rade Santrac from BreezeBox. They truly represent our current ideas while simultaneously embracing a future self image to lead forward. Honestly, it is a masterpiece. Well done!”

The package consists of six new world music themes adapted to perfectly blend within all program segments. There is a new 4-note sonic logo seamlessly harmonizing with this idea.

So, pick up your best speakers and enjoy the latest sounds from BreezeBox.

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