Wise Buddah Jingles for Mega Hits!

Portugal’s Mega Hits has launched their fourth Wise Buddah Jingles package in four years. The 12 custom IDs reflect Mega Hits’ super-hot playlist which is packed full of artists including Eminem, Avicii and Rihanna.

Nelson Cunha – Programme Director, Mega Hits: “Every time we ask the Wise Buddah team to create new jingles for Mega Hits, we are astonished with the amazing ability they have to create something different, contemporary, and that fits perfectly on our station.
Wwwwwoooooooooooowwwwwwww… it’s the claim for every time we listen to Mega Hits and Wise Buddah Jingles!”

Paul Plant – Director, Wise Buddah Jingles: “This is one of the most cutting edge jingle packages we have produced this year. It’s dynamic, it’s relentless, it’s current, and we’re delighted to have once again been asked by Nelson and the Team to shape the new sound of Mega Hits 2014.”

The package comprises 4 TOHs, 8 Main IDs, Ramps, Shotguns, Instrumentals, plus Information Elements.

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Listen to Mega Hits 2013 here and for other Mega Hits packages see wisebuddah.com.

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