The Imaging Days: worlds first imaging event is getting bigger and bigger

AMSTERDAM – The most talked event in radio, The Imaging Days, is getting bigger and bigger. Today we’re proud to announce more great names of speakers that will join us on September 8th and 9th, 2014.

Capital is in the Capital of Holland
He’s the Head of Production for Capital FM and Capital XTRA (UK), Chris Nicoll. He will play a lot of audio in his seminar, show how he works, and talk about how he inspires and drives a team to create clever imaging across two brands, two TV stations and major station events. He’ll spend some time dissecting the workflow of a large imaging team, and how that translates to the day-to-day.

Jingles Loves Imaging
Marc Vickers is composer of jingles & imaging for some of the world’s leading radio brands, including BBC Radio 1, 2 & 6 Music, Smooth Radio, Bauer Network, Sky Radio (NL), Radio 538 (NL), Veronica (NL), Antenne Bayern (GER), Dasding (GER), Kiss FM (SP) and Skala FM (DK), and Creative Director at Wise Buddah Jingles & Music Imaging. During his session “Jingles Loves Imaging”, Marc will be discussing the modern relationship between sung jingles and station imaging. He will be breaking down some of his work and along side guest imaging producers will be discussing creative ways of mixing imaging tricks with jingles to complete a station sound.

What Do You Want From Me?
David Wartnaby is one of the today’s most popular VO’s. He’s the station voice at Heart (AC Radio, UK) and pops up on promos and imaging in Australia, South Africa, Kenya and Oman. With an audio production history at Kiss FM (CHR Radio, UK), you’ll now hear him on CNN, BBC and commercials for Xbox, Hublot, Ikea, Sony etc. From cool and cut-through to distressed and aged – he can get his mouth around it. At The Imaging Days, David has a few insider tips on directing your voiceover. Have a peek behind the mouth, into your VO’s brain – to ensure you get ‘that thing you want’ for your promo, commercial or sweeper. Off the mic, David has limited public speaking experience, and no filter, so expect a really informative car crash.

Creative Production Techniques
George Taylor worked as Head of Imaging for Pure Tonic Media and later ReelWorld, where he was Format Director for Production Vault CHR. He is now the Imaging Director for IMGR, a complete station branding production service from Wise Buddah Jingles and Music Imaging. George’s imaging work has aired across the world on stations including BBC Radio 1, BBC Radio 1Xtra, Kiss 100, Z100 and hundreds of other stations. His session will be on creative production techniques, he will show you some awesome stuff… How does he do it?!

The History of Jingles & Imaging
Some say that the first jingle dates back to 1923, others talk about the 60s. Was Tom Merriman the jingle king of the world? Or is it Jonathan Wolfert? Anyway, there are so many jingles written, produced and broadcasted. Every few years there are trends, some jingles are on air for a few months, another for years. “The History of Jingles & Imaging” will be told by our friends of the “Society of Radio Jingles & Tunes”.

The Imaging Days: the line-up
During the two day event international professionals will discuss all aspects of radio-imaging, break great imaging productions down layer by layer, and of course show some of the hottest production techniques. Everything will take place in “De Nieuwe Liefde” in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. The names so far: Arjan van Lierop (Sky Radio) , Chris Hartgers (Radio 538, NL), Dan Mumford (BBC Radio 1), Giel Beelen (3FM, NL), Guido Sprenger (Radio Veronica, NL), Ivo Samplonius (European Public Radio), James Stodd (The Breeze Network/JACK fm), Jeroen ‘jingles’ van Inkel (Q -Music, NL), Lenja Faraguna (Grammar of the effective radio ad), Nathan Freeman (BBC Radio 6 Music), Niels Franken (Radio 538, NL), Ryan Drean (, Simon Palframan (Kiss FM, UK), Simon Mumford (Radico, Australia), Valerie Geller (United States) and Uunco Cerfontaine (Sky Radio, NL).

Premium Partners
ReelWorld, Production Vault, The Radio Imaging Library, Capital of Media, Wise Buddah Jingles & Music Imaging, IMGR and No Sheet Music are the first premium partners of The Imaging Days 2014.

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