47FM make the switch to ReelWorld Europe

France’s 47FM is the latest station to choose the ReelWorld ONE updating jingle service for its on air sound.

The unique service gives stations a choice of hundreds of jingles upfront as well as new cuts every month. Alternatively, programmers can cherry pick their favourite jingles from the service in order to build their perfect package suited to the sound of their brand.

The Agropole based broadcaster is already airing its new package in time for Summer and is over joyed with the new ReelWorld sound.

As well as the jingles, subscribers to ReelWorld ONE also get Beat Mix intros, sonic logo work parts and produced ID’s.

ReelWorld ONE comes in 2 formats, CHR or AC, and is used by broadcasters in Germany, France, Ireland, Denmark, Spain, Norway and Austria. Rix FM Sweden, 104.6 RTL Berlin, KRONEHIT Austria, and MegaStar Spain are just some of the stations that have benefitted from ReelWorld ONE jingles over the last year.

To get more information on the service at the website reelworld.com.

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