Music is I, Jingles are PURE!

Ireland’s hit music brand iRadio now has an ‘exc-i-ting’ new on-air sound from PURE Jingles!

“iRadio is at the edge when it comes to innovation”, says CEO / Programme Director Leigh Doyle about his station, which has been awarded many times over for its creativity and point of difference. “This is what keeps us in the number one position in the market.”

The station covers 15 counties in the West, North West, Midlands and North East of Ireland, with a CHR format aimed at 15-34 year-old listeners. iRadio’s brand slogan is ‘Music is I’, which connects to a generation of young adults. Its search for a new imaging package led the station to PURE Jingles.

“iRadio is investing more time and money into station sound and imaging than most other radio brands in Ireland”, Leigh explains. “It’s vital that our consumers notice a significant difference in the quality of our output. Sounding different and better than the competition is our number one priority. PURE Jingles has delivered!”

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