Beds and Beats 2.0 has launched

Beds & Beats, the leading music library for the radio industry, says its revamped website,, will not only improve the service it offers its existing clients but help them expand into the TV and multimedia sectors.

The new site has a whole host of new features that will make searching for music – and using what you find – so much easier. Those features include more intuitive searching meaning that there are bespoke, targeted playlists and features for topical events and key calendar dates.

The site is a joint effort and has been planned meticulously by the member base and team at beds and beats, with ground breaking design and programming by industry-leading design company Dreamshock with its ground-breaking search engine the work of the Australian firm Harvest Media.

Dave Bethell, CEO & Founder of Beds & Beats, said: “The thinking behind the whole site has always been to find as many ways as we can to better serve the radio industry and our current client base. After our recent successes with movie trailers and TV, we’re now able to expand even more when it comes to content – and that means a better service for everyone. It’s been a privilege to work with a large talent pool to bring out an exciting new website”

The musicians used by Beds and Beats regularly appear with the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra with their work being mixed and mastered in both London and Los Angeles, frequently at the iconic Abbey Road studios.

Alongside the new website, Beds & Beats is delighted to announce that it will now be the exclusive provider of Benztown’s twenty imaging libraries and custom imaging services for radio stations in the UK. This new marketing and distribution deal will further add to Benztown’s growing reputation as an audio provider in the UK and expand its customer base worldwide. For Beds & Beats, its highly respected repertoire of music is swelled by incorporating Benztown’s music products into its own highly successful music library.

Speaking about the new partnership, Dave Bethell said: “I’ve been a fan of Benztown since the early days and am very excited to be offering such a groundbreaking set of products to the UK. This expands our arsenal of tools and gives our clients and users even more options than ever before. Welcoming Benztown to the UK is a big part of our current expansion.”

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