Ryan on the Radio features Mike Kaminski

Mike Kaminski, aka Michael Clive, was born in Berkeley California and grew up in Nebraska. He is most known for his realistic character voices and celebrity imitations. In school, Mike was undeniably a class clown. He loved to make people laugh and was very fond of voice work; learning and imitating many of his teachers, friends and celebrities. He also enjoyed learning different announcer styles and creating his own characters.

He started a parody service for the radio industry called Parody Central around the time of the OJ Simpson court case. Morning shows were contacting him to do custom phone-ins as celebrities and odd characters. He continued producing parodies for a few years, then went into a more focused career as a Voice Over talent for commercials and other media while doing fill-in work as a talk radio host at 970 WFLA, Tampa. In the late 90’s Mike was offered a prime radio DJ time slot in Dallas, Texas. A year later, after experiencing the DJ life, he left the station and went back to Florida to continue what he knew best… Voice Overs. He marketed himself to radio and TV stations as a Speciality Voice Talent. Stations use him for character and celebrity additions to station programming production. He also works with advertising agencies, production studios and animators world-wide as a voice artist, actor, writer, consultant, and punch-up.

This month, as part of The Producers podcast series, Ryan Drean interviewed Mike.

Had a blast with this one! What a fun time it is having 30 different people on your show…in the form of one man: Mike Kaminski. Actually. I suspect Mike could have brought triple digits if I let him. But as for Character voices and Imitation specialists I have now interviewed one of the very best. See the link below for the show which comes in one convenient part.


So – With that I say – Have a happy, safe, prosperous and amazing Christmas and New Year.

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