Ryan on the Radio interviews Music 4’s Sandy Beech

Ryan Drean’s ‘The Producers‘ podcast has been updated with a 2-part interview with Sandy Beech of Music 4 in the UK.

Sandy Beech, the Managing Director of Music 4 in London, joins the show. Music 4 has grown to prominence in Radio Jingle production in London and across the U.K. We discuss his history in radio which took him from Leeds to London and a few places in between including a Pirate Ship! — sort of. He was VERY forthright with his knowledge and I think it was pretty informative. Obviously we went into Jingle Production and Jingles in general more than normal but there is still a lot to hear about radio in the UK and Sandy’s career.

Check out the audio interview at RyanOnTheRadio.com and click on ‘The Producers’ podcast link on the main page.

Ryan would be grateful to hear your comments/critique on the podcast. You can leave messages here or here.

You can hear a previous 2-part interview with TM’s Chris Stevens here.

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