Brandy Kicks off a new sound for Radio Zet

RADIO ZET, one of the strongest − and probably most well-known − media brands in Poland, has a new sonic logo. And a new contemporary sound as well. Brandy Jingles was chosen to create this evolution for Radio Zet − the station’s largest in 10 years. The logo, an original creation, has been integrated in different cuts of the various Kick packs.

The Polish national Hot AC station selected 15 cuts from Brandy Jingles’ extensive catalogue. The music beds sound very international. As for the vocals, they called on the Polish star Margaret (photo) who recorded the jingles in the Brandy studios in Brussels.

The package illustrates the precision and attention to detail with which Brandy approaches each project. Even though these are existing beds, the jingles
must sound as if they were custom-made. And of course: there must be no question about pronunciation or accent.

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