ONE is a success on Mona FM

Mona FM in France is the latest radio station to take advantage of ONEReelWorld’s constantly updating jingle package. The service comes in 2 formats, CHR and AC, and gives users the opportunity to select a huge starter kit of jingles from the outset and then receive new jingle themes every month. The updating CHR service also includes monthly updates of beat mixed intros and produced ID’s.

Since ONE’s incarnation 8 years ago as CHR initially and then AC followed 4 months later, ReelWorld’s talented team have composed hundreds of jingles in every style, genre, and tempo imaginable. More and more stations are taking advantage of this fact to build their perfect jingle package tailored exactly to their needs, without having to go to the expense of a fully customised production.

And the great thing about building a bespoke package is that you’re not limited by vocal templates. They’ll sing it exactly how you want it. The ReelWorld ONE service is already used by major players in Germany, Spain, Sweden, Portugal, Norway, Poland, Romania, and the UK as well as across the USA (the legendary Z100 and KIIS LA are long term fans of ReelWorld ONE).

And if you need news, travel, weather, sport and promotional talk over beds ReelWorld ONE has loads to choose from, all mixed with your sonic logo.

Mona FM in France were looking for something laid back and downtempo whilst still being warm and friendly – ReelWorld ONE AC delivered! The station has been on air for nearly 35 years and ReelWorld ONE AC has given them a classy new sound to take them into 2016.

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