Tindle Radio Group To Debut New ReelWorld Sound

The Tindle Radio Group has chosen ReelWorld Productions to deliver a new sound for its 7 stations across the UK and Channel Islands.

Town 102, Dream 100, The Beach, North Norfolk Radio, Channel 103, Island FM and Norwich 99.9 are all set to benefit from jingles which will go to air next month.

Group Head of Production for Tindle Radio Clive Robertson said: “The package is absolutely stunning and brings a fresh new energy to the sound of our stations. The team at ReelWorld digested a comprehensive brief and delivered exactly the sound we needed every step of the way whilst keeping our production team involved in the creative process from start to finish. I can’t wait to get started on the next package!”

The new jingle package incorporates cuts from ReelWorld’s ONE AC service but has been remixed using ReeWorld’s UK vocalists.

ReelWorld European Director Anthony Gay said: “Some people have a misconception that ReelWorld only produce great CHR imaging. I’m pleased that Clive, Tom and the team at Tindle have given us the opportunity to take a fantastic AC package to air in the UK.”

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