KOST celebrates the holidays

KOST Christmas 2015 from ReelWorld
KOST Christmas 2015 from ReelWorld

As the flip to Holiday programming becomes more popular and profitable than ever before, LA’s KOST 103.5 FM has partnered with ReelWorld to produce a new standout Christmas Jingle Package for the upcoming season.

Featuring 6 Core Themes and 2 Top of Hours – each with multiple length mixouts – the KOST Christmas package is designed to pair seamlessly with new holiday releases as well as all the Christmas Classics that keep your listeners singing along through the season.

Michael La Crosse, program director at KOST 103.5, had this to say about the new KOST Christmas package: “The holiday season is the most important time of year for us at KOST. Jingles and the emotional bond they create are such a huge part of that. Our new ReelWorld package is the perfect way for us to help our listeners feel like they’re home for the holidays.”

Erik Huber, ReelWorld’s creative director, offered his thoughts on the appeal of the package in the modern holiday programming marketplace: “With our new KOST holiday jingles we’ve embodied the spirit of Christmas in a musical brand that is perfect for today’s AC radio. We went the extra mile to infuse this package’s musical DNA with elements of both contemporary Christmas songs as well as the timeless holiday classics of yesterday, giving the jingles a warmth and depth that’s equally at home with Burl Ives, Bing Crosby, Mariah Carey or Justin Bieber. Best of all, the package can be sung using either our time-tested Nashville vocal group, or our fresh new vocal blend created specifically for this package. Either way, the end result is a definitive musical signature that is sure to set the standard for AC holiday imaging for many years to come.”

KOST Christmas is now available and contains everything your station needs to own the holidays this season. From the emotions your listeners experience, to the promotion of your station brand over the holidays, KOST Christmas pairs perfectly with your holiday playlist and truly is the perfect gift for your station.

Listen to the demo below and the entire package at reelworld.com/holiday2015.

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