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After a successful 2015, which saw Imaging Blueprint partner with Premiere Networks for domestic distribution in North America, the production service is proud to announce the next iteration of their website.

Tom Cross, Imaging Blueprint Director said – ‘The new site builds upon the familiar layout centring around their improved Artist Blueprint category, introducing intuitive and improved search functionality plus a host of production service world firsts, most noticeably our Vocal Processor. Just upload your VO, choose from a list of presets and receive a download link to your processed audio, simple.’

Adam Burgess, Imaging Blueprint Director added that ‘December’s highlights include 3 mashups for the 2015 Top 30 Countdown. New Year’s workparts, branded intros and an introduction to our new Vocal Processor. It was felt after speaking with some of our clients; separating the mashups into more bite sized pieces would create slicker and more compelling imaging, whether it was a Top of Hour opener or shorter IDs within the Countdown. Our team and clients agreed another common issue, although subjective, with these types of mashups was the manipulation of the songs being too far away from their original keys or tempos. Taking this on board the team made a concerted effort to group songs that would work more harmoniously with each other.’

2016 is going to be a huge year for live music with some of the world’s biggest artists back out on the road, travelling from city to city on their world tours. So Imaging Blueprint created Promo Blueprint! They wanted to create an Artist Promo kit that could be used in a multitude of ways, whether you just want to take one transition to use within something you’re already building or use the piece as a whole. You can add, remove or re-order songs in your mix, all the bpm and key info are provided plus click on ‘related audio’ to see the full shopping list of audio that has gone into making the finished IB mix. We believe It’s this kind of detail that gives you far more flexibility.

In next month’s highlights the team will be showcasing another imaging service world first…

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