Knock your competition off the air with Broken Air

The newest production library by Sticky FX has a unique and distinctive sound. And that’s no surprise because for this new imaging tool the guys at Sticky FX teamed up with production house StreemMedia.

The result? A new library called Broken Air.

Broken Air is perfect for any CHR, Hot AC or Greatest Hits station that’s struggling in a crowded market. Broken Air really makes you stand out from the rest and still fits the sound of your station. 200 fresh fx and work parts with lots of punch and energy but also a neutral sound that makes it easy to blend with all your other imaging material.

Break open the airwaves and knock your competition off the air with this multi-format imaging tool. All fx and work parts are divided into several categories like Starters to create attention with right after a stopset or newsbreak. Air Breakers that make it a piece of cake to slice up your message in clear and understandable content. With the Low Breakers you can give your ID’s or promo’s an incredible amount of punch and the Phone Breakers are awesome to create your own Contest imaging with.

Then there’s the Take offs that give your message a feeling of urgency and an increasing level of energy. Need a smooth transition with a punch, you’ve got it with the Whoosh Hits. We also added several Beats which are great when you wanna slam a promo or talk over bed together real quick.
And finally you’ll find some authentic and unique Radio Tune Shots in this fx library that come in handy in lots of situations.

Want to get working with this 200 piece production tool right away? And knock your competition off the air with this new fresh imaging tool for CHR, Hot AC or Greatest Hits formats. Download Broken Air right now!

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