A new way to make your station sound cool!

There’s a new way to keep your station’s imaging sound fresh and cool! Cool Toolz is a new series of affordable libraries. Multi format imaging elements that give your station a unique and contemporary sound.

Cool Toolz provides you with all the tools you need to give your productions more speed and energy. No matter what format you work in, just squeeze in a couple of these fx and in no time your imaging sounds more upbeat and alive!

In this first part of Cool Toolz you’ll find 150 fast, sharp and cool fx and work parts. Breakers, Drones, Impacts, Mini Stagers, Noises, Risers, Starters and Sweeps; this toolkit has everything for the production of your station ID’s, Sweepers and Promos. And all elements are categorized for easy use.

Early Cool Toolz users say: “A great toolkit that has a distinctive sound and makes your station’s imaging stand out from your competitors” and “It not only makes my imaging sound cool but also makes me the coolest guy at the station. Really great value for money!”.

Make your station the coolest station in the market with Cool Toolz!

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