AudioSweets – The Sweet Shop Spring Highlights

It’s been a busy time at AudioSweets. They have just delivered 4 custom jingle packages, plus another resing of the popular Spirit FM package. They’ve launched 3 new ASX albums and the last few months have seen the Sweet Shop grow to be bigger than ever – with fresh beds, sweet intros of the freshest tracks, new music imagers, original and innovative sound design, artist drops and more – plenty to keep you busy in the studio!

Here are their Spring highlights from the Sweet Shop – the team of world class producers have covered the top 40 with sweet intros, produced pop beds to stand up to today’s music, plus added loads of imaging treats from shells to sound design.

Now more stations than ever are using AudioSweets, in the UK Original 106, Radio Essex, Oak FM and Radio Exe have joined the SweetShop gang and are joined by Ireland’s Radio Kerry and Energy FM Tenerife. They’re now heard on over 90 ILR stations in the UK and more than 430 around the World!

There’s a new drop of imaging elements every week, so you have the freshest imaging elements to play with. If you’ve not signed up yet, don’t miss out and contact to find out how, with our help, you can sugar coat your station.

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