New Media Sound Network Jingles

AudioSweets ID are proud to announce a new custom jingle and imaging package consisting of 7 themes plus a full utilities pack created for the Media Sound Holdings Network; Arrow FM, Sovereign FM, Splash FM and Bright FM – the second consecutive package produced for the group in the past three years.

The new AC package was designed to fit seamlessly with the playlist, whilst giving each station clear branding.
Rik Scott, Head of Station Sound, said “AudioSweets have helped us image our four Sussex stations for some time now and when it was time for a refresh they were our automatic choice. They followed up our successful ‘Sussex By The Sea’ package with some truly awesome new jingles. We love them!”

The group also has unlimited access to the online AudioSweets’ Sweet Shop, which provides stations with a fresh and constantly updated imaging toolkit of beds, sound design, shells and more.

Simon Prentice, AudioSweets MD added, “We have worked with the Media Sound Holdings group for the last few years and really enjoyed producing this new sound for them. The new package sits really well in the AC format. It’s been so popular, we’ve already resung it for a number of stations”

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