Melody FM – low cost jingles from LFM Audio

LFM Audio is offering its new Resung Jingle Packages at even more afforadble rates. Such afforadble rates give even the smallest internet radio stations (like Melody FM below) an oppurtunity to get quality Sung Jingles.

Speaking to the media, a Ethan from LFM said, “Yes, we are now offering our Resung Radio Jingle Packages at the best possible prices. Usually we compose Sung Jingles and create them from scratch. Now we are selling Resung Radio Jingles; we take an original jingle, already composed, and modify it to some extent to fit another radio station’s name and slogan; later we ‘re-sing’ it. Recently we had composed (and produced) a CHR / Dance Jingle Package for Power 181.

Erwin Favrim from Melody FM has bought a resung ‘Power 181 Jingle Package’ from LFM Audio. He asked for it to be re-sung for his radio station Melody FM using their slogan ‘Beat After Beat’. Melody FM is a CHR / Dance internet radio station and Erwin wanted a powerful, fresh, energetic and memorable jingle package that would be remembered and hummed by their listeners all the time.

When asked, Erwin said, “The jingle is worth more than I paid for it. LFM Audio has done an amazing job for Melody FM, producing a comprehensive Resung Jingle Package using our slogan and highlighting other features.” He further added, “The Resung Jingle Package LFM Audio produced for Melody FM adds great value to the station. Everything was effectively organized and managed and their services are well priced and delivery is fast.”

LFM Audio offers audio services to radio stations that include radio imaging, radio commercials, sung radio jingles, commercial script writing and more.

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  1. thanks for sharing the audio clip. Could you give me the melody fm radio streaming link. i will ad this radio in my site.

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