All the way: new AC package

Joe − Belgium’s second commercial radio station − might well focus on the classics, but it certainly keeps up with the times: an updated visual logo (the ‘fm’ is no longer part of the brand name), a completely new sonic branding, and a slightly adjusted format.

Brandy Jingles was responsible for the new imaging. The jingles sound familiar and yet fresh, and they’re built around the new name ‘Joe’ and the new ‘All the way’ slogan.

Listeners who love the classics live in the here-and-now − and they want to be approached that way too. So, it goes without saying that their favourite radio station should sound contemporary.

The ‘All the way’ jingle package perfectly unites the music of several decades ago with a contemporary feel.

And for the Top 2000 − the list of the listeners’ all-time favourites − Brandy integrated Flemish and English vocals in the jingles.

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