Brandy Adapts ‘Family Song’ for Radio 2


Brandy has already been the permanent media consultant and imaging producer of Radio 2 – the largest public radio station in Belgium – for almost 10 years. With a 30% market share the station has clearly conquered the spot of market leader in the past few years. The station communicates this in a sympathetic way and lets its listeners know that they are ‘welcome to the largest family of Flanders’.

At Brandy we already worked on dozens of projects, from support for strategic decisions, to coaching presenters, producers and technicians, to the creation of channel and program design.

A unique design for the summer

The youngest image campaign was a unique challenge for Brandy: create a contemporary adaptation in Dutch of an existing world hit record.

‘We Are Family’ by Sister Sledge received an adapted arrangement and new lyrics. A fragment of it is used as a basis for the image advert that is created by FLEXUS advertising.

Brandy created the necessary edits and an adapted Top of Hour, giving the station its own refreshing and very striking sound for coming summer.

Brandy produced a complete 3 minute image song for Radio 2. You can find the full version of the song here
Radio 2’s advertising agency created a TV-campaign, based on a 1 min version of the song. We then custom produced a summer top of hour.

– Tom Van der Biest, Producer, Brandy,

Radio 2 Top of the Hour Zomer

Radio 2 Imaging Song “We Are Family”

Radio 2 TV Campaign Jingle “We Are Family”

Listen to more Brandy jingles now, log on to

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